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Workflow Management

Increasing efficiency is a continuous and important process within every enterprise. Its complexity and importance drastically increases with the size and complexity of structure and workflow.

Being able to understand your business workflow, priorities, sequences and dependencies is important. Tackling each part in the right order provides quick-wins and frees up your employees for their prime objective, running your business.

Using an object-oriented workflow-modelling tool based on a persistent, industry proven DBMS (Database Management System), e.g. ORACLE, BeauTec is able to significantly increase the overall efficiency of your business.

The following list provides some of the key features:
  • Defining individual tasks.
  • Structure and group tasks into more abstract processes.
  • Define sequences of tasks.
  • Define alerts and notifications to be sent and received.
  • Know at any point in time the current status of any task.
  • Have access to the workflow console from anywhere in the world.
    • finding out which tasks took exceptionally long and which task is the source of the problem.
    • which tasks are frequently the main drawbacks and why.
    • what is the average and optimal duration of these and similar tasks.
    • etc.

BeauTec CMDB

A new version of BeauTec CMDB is available since march 2011.

Business Pilot

A new version of BeauTec Business Pilot is available since January 2011.