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The BeauTec Business Pilot

The BeauTec Business Pilot is an enterprise-wise Integration Platform for any important information of your business. Its flexibility makes it the ideal solution for current and especially future requirements. Any enhancement or change to the Business Model rarely impacts existing objects or functionality. Every end-user can use the Platform with hardly any interruption. Its layered, service- and object oriented approach provides an immediate return of investment; its intuitive graphical interface makes it accepted by everyone instantly.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Any heterogeneous business needs special best-in-class applications for special business functions. Most of the time different vendors provide these applications. The concept of Information Integration has to understand and use this topology.
The BeauTec integrated Information Infrastructure uses intelligent Services and Interfaces to integrate every existing software application or database transparently with minimal effort. As companies need to be able to replace existing applications, the Integration does not have to be the deadlock. Therefore BeauTec’s provided concept of Integration reduced required adaptation to an absolute minimum.

Architecture View

100% “Open Code” solution

As an Information Technology (IT) Service provider, BeauTec understands the customer’s need for transparency and quality. To proof this, we even provide the executed source code of our integrated solution, on server- and client-side. Using this for instant research in case of problems or as state-of-the art examples for own developments and enhancements, BeauTec is happy to work openly with its partners.

Ultimate flexibility to respond instantaneously to present and future developments and changes

The purpose of a central Information Integration Platform is to provide at any point in time all valid data in the right context and to anyone. As an enterprise has to evolve and adapt to changing business needs, the central view of the business has to change too. BeauTec’s service and object oriented approach is especially designed to provide this flexibility. Our vision for your integrated solution is not only to provide a system for today, but for tomorrow. Replacing existing systems, adding new Applications providing data is already a difficult task within an existing environment. Using the BeauTec Integration Platform, this will become much simpler.
Experience shows that using our Integration platform, maintenance is extremely low to keep the system up-to-date. Important decisions can be always taken based on the most valid information.

Security features are built in on any level of access

From general database access rights down to security provided for individual objects or attributes, every security concept is supported. Based on the idea of single-sign-on, the user can see all the information he is allowed to see, without any re-identification. The BeauTec solution is also capable to handle automatic log-on to external systems based on the specific rights of each user.

A data model transparently handling different data frequencies (time validation) and propagation

Every enterprise has to deal with different data “frequencies” (validity of time), data being measured in real-time, stored in process historians e.g. as minute data, aggregated to hourly or daily averages, totals or just snap-shots. Business functions like Accounting or Planning need information even on daily or monthly basis. In addition, a lab evaluates non-periodic data on qualities, maintenance information, or market data is retrieved as it occurs.
All of this data has to be integrated and transparently be presented to the end-user, providing the right frequency and related data aggregation depending on the users role.
Data validity has to be treated correctly. Normally non-periodic information is valid until a new value occurs whereas missing values of periodic data has to be presented to inform about existing data gaps.

Intelligent Interfaces importing the meta-data model of existing systems without persistently storing copies of your data

Standard Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) concepts provide adapters, which copy and transform data to provide them in other applications.
BeauTec uses another approach. Our Intelligent Interfaces or Services (SOA) typically provide the meta-data model of external systems within our Integration Platform to understand the business view of each external system and to be able to provide comparisons between any type of information.
As external data is only referenced, BeauTec is able to present data objects to end-users without copying data from one data source to another, therefore presented data is always up-to-date, valid and consistent throughout the enterprise. If the data-model of the external system changes, the interface will update the model in the Integration Platform respectively. This results in a consistent and single location for your business and data integration rules.
As an enterprise does not want to be limited in its selection of best-of-class business applications, changes in external systems are foreseen. Therefore even references to external data are historized, old and new system can be run at the same time. At any point in time, one can decide to switch from one system to another. The presentation of data coming from this external business function will transparently be presented to the end-user who does not need to search related data in the old and new system.

Automatic update features, executed in real-time and providing Audit trail

Changes to business views of certain departments have to be provided to others. Using the BeauTec concept of integration, most of the time, this can be done automatically, without the necessity of manual modelling or even code writing. As for BeauTec the different business models are important to be understood and reflected, this is made easy. Any change to existing objects, classes or even individual data can be traced and logged in an attached Audit-Trail for further review.

An unlimited possibility to define different types of comparisons or KPIs together with instant notification

Having important information integrated, comparisons like Planed vs. Actual, vs. Accounted, vs. Simulated, etc. are easily possible. Of course, structural and time-wise data aggregation has to be performed, but all required features are built into the BeauTec Integration platform. Even unit of measure conversion is done automatically and special non-linear calculation like Blend-Indices are supported or can be easily added.
For each user, individual calculations or indicators are important to decide on special actions.. Having required indicators graphically created, the users are automatically notified in case of the KPI exceeding certain limits. Escalation is supported.
Using this unlimited flexibility new ideas for indicators or information to be integrated arise, leading to an active and living platform where everyone identifies easily his opportunities.

Technical data model separated from the integrated business model

An ultimate flexibility is required for the business data model to be fully adapted to the customers needs. As the customer business changes, the business model has to be adapted as frequent and as simple as possible.
By separating an abstract technical data model from the business model, this is achieved with excellent efficiency. Based on standard relational database management systems (RDBMS) like ORACLE an object oriented data model provides maximal flexibility to create required classes, attributes and objects whenever required. Using this approach, the customer model is no longer hard-coded in fixed table structures, but itself only data in an unlimited open framework. At any point in time, missing classes, objects and individual attributes can be added, changed or removed without the necessity of shutdown and database maintenance time. Users connected to the Integration Platform can typically continue working without being affected by data model changes.
Our Integration Platform is designed to host information for a long period of time and we are able to store large amount of data easily in our scalable architecture insuring that the database performance will not be impacted throughout time.
Based on its industry proven architecture thousands of concurrent users are supported without difficulty.
As an enterprise might be distributed geographically, Information Integration can be done within and even between the different locations. Aggregated data based on results from all sites is of extremely high value, still being provided in real-time.

Integration layer separated from presentation layer

Every type of user or even each individual wants the same data be presented most effectively to perform his work as efficient as possible. Therefore the way data is presented has to be even more flexible as the data integration. A combination of graphical and numerical information allows the user to understand each value immediately in the right context without detailed training. Putting additional information just one mouse-click away from the users key-information, further research and analysis is made intuitively easy.
For BeauTec, two features for data presentation are very important and cannot be divided: A solution accepted by end-users has to be fast and intuitive.
A performance, providing required information within seconds is only accepted, if it is understood immediately within its context.
As the way, data is presented in a certain environment, BeauTec respects the customer’s corporate identity and provides standard presentation libraries, which can easily be extended and adapted to the customer’s environment and wishes.
Our object-oriented and open client architecture allows intuitive and transparent usage as client-server or web-architecture. It can also be integrated in a Portal environment, e.g. Microsoft SharePoint Portal.
As Excel is the most common tool for reporting, BeauTec provides an Excel Add-In with which all data from the Integration platform can be retrieved.
Sophisticated trending features including statistical information are provided to allow long-term analysis and to find similar situations.

BeauTec CMDB

A new version of BeauTec CMDB is available since march 2011.

Business Pilot

A new version of BeauTec Business Pilot is available since January 2011.