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Workflow Management

Workflow management is a technology that involves the automation of business processes. It describes the specification, modelling, simulation and management of workflow and interacting processes.

By controlling business processes, workflow management ensures that applications used in the business process are initiated and presents the necessary information to the right group or person at the right time. Based on definable rules, information output created by certain processes is used to trigger further process sequences.
A process can be the execution of a certain application or calculation, the decision request of a certain user, or the arrival of a certain information, etc.
The end result is the creation of efficient, effective and manageable business processes to achieve, or contribute to, an overall business goal.

Measures and indicators based on duration, exceptions, deviation, etc. provide the possibility to identify missing, wrong defined processes or the lack of training or resources on certain critical tasks.

Workflow management systems support structured tasks and processes, where Groupware solutions provide functions for non-structured processes.

With the introduction of Workflow Management within an environment, the following goals are typically envisaged:

  • Increase the quality of processes
  • Unify and simplify processes
  • Faster responses on requests
  • Shorten the transport and waiting times, increase the performance
  • Reduce working time and therefore cost
  • Increase the availability of information
  • Avoid "media breaks", meaning the change of media, e.g. from email to paper.
  • Increase the flexibility of processes
  • Controlling and minimizing dataflow within the enterprise
  • Cost reduction by time-wise and resource optimization

BeauTec Workflow Management System

BeauTec provides all components required to integrate, model, visualize, analyse, and optimise the workflow of your business.

Model and Visualize

The BeauTec Business Pilot is a generic framework to graphically model and visualize any business process and workflow. Using existing libraries, the creation of business processes is rapid and simple. Various process definitions can be created to identify options and simulate execution.
Consistency functions verify the integrity of your model and highlight problems.
Additional process definitions can rapidly be added base don our open architecture.


Using the integrated Information Platform of the BeauTec Business Pilot, information required for any business process can easily be made accessible. Using our intelligent interfaces, external systems are rapidly integrated, without duplicating any information.

Measure and Report

Based on our extensive KPI (Key Performance Indicator) library any process information can be measured based on individual process information as well as structural or time-wise aggregated information; and also at any point in time to be able to compare with past situations.

Using the integrated Information Platform of the BeauTec Business Pilot, information available for any business process can be made transparent to any user. Our graphical front-end allows flexible and unlimited presentation to support best the understanding and execution of workflow and processes.


Using a unified view to your workflow, overall quality and quality of each detailed processes can be optimised and harmonized.

The performance and efficiency of workflow and processes can be increased and handling time within processes can be reduced.

Using the BeauTec solution, various business workflow models can be defined and based on the existing process information compared and the optimal solution can be found.

BeauTec CMDB

A new version of BeauTec CMDB is available since march 2011.

Business Pilot

A new version of BeauTec Business Pilot is available since January 2011.